Superior Cleaning Systems, Inc.​
Keys to our Success:
Supervision from the Top
Family Owned And Operated 
High Quality Equipment and Supplies 
We are proud to be in business for over 30 years servicing South Florida. While we are sure you may find slicker websites/advertising out there, you will never find a more reliable cleaning service. That is because we concentrate on our client's customer satisfaction, and not on future sales. We strive to be the LAST company you will ever need to hire for your cleaning needs. To achieve this, there are certain keys we concentrate on to help provide satisfaction.
At Superior Cleaning Systems, inc., we do not entrust our oversight to "hired" supervisors like most companies. Day-to-day operations and supervision is always handled by our owner/operators. We are on-site to oversee and take care of all the needs that you have entrusted our company with inside your property. When you contract with us, you get us -- not hired, low-paid imitations.
At Superior Cleaning Systems, inc., you can reach an owner/operator at any time, day or night. Our commitment is to provide quick and pin-point customer service to any need that arises. Our college educated owner/operators are always available to deal professionally and courteously with you and your tenants. With us, your problem is not handed off to one of our supervisors.

At Superior Cleaning Systems, inc., we use only the best available equipment and cleaning products to help provide a consistently high quality of work. When it comes to products, we don't skimp on cheap paper or no-name brands. When it comes to equipment, we use only the well-known brands that you can count on. From vacuums to our impressive self-heated, portable carpet cleaning units (a must in South Florida high-rise buildings!) -- you will notice the difference.

But, more than anything, we know that pure "elbow grease" and hard-work is what provides the shine you desire. Slick advertising, websites, and fancy equipment do not mean a thing in the cleaning business without hard work. At Superior Cleaning Systems, inc., it is that understanding that separates us and makes us the cleaning service you want for your building.

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Wouldn't it be nice if the person you talk to when you sign the contract is the same one who oversees your property? As we enter our fifth decade (incorporated in 1987) of doing business in South Florida, Superior Cleaning Systems, inc. is a family owned and operated company. When you contract with us, you get us!

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